About us

Claypot Hot Pot has been in service since 2012 and has been receiving good reviews on the quality of food. 

We take pride to source from reputable Canadian suppliers to ensure freshness and quality.  Well-known for its 3-tier hotpot, offering steaming, barbeque, and cooking all in one pot.  The experience is unique and the restaurant is a great place for gatherings with friends, families or a simple night out. 

For those who prefer to stay home to enjoy the fresh quality of meat and seafood, we are glad to add a take-out service to be ordered online or call-in.  Please allow 30 minutes from time of order to pick up.  

To increase your culinary experience, we have added an additional line of frozen Hong Kong style dim sum for take out as well.  These dim sum are hand crafted by seasoned dim-sum-chefs under a CFIA licensed and monitored facility. 

Reservations are highly recommended to avoid long wait times. Online orders will be available for pick up from 5:30pm daily and must be ordered 30 minutes prior to pick up.